Scanner Frequency for

Fire Information


Dispatched Calls 2017


                1st    Quarter    117      

                    2nd  Quarter    144

                               July          55

                               Aug          57              

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Shingletown Vol. Fire Department

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31990 Hwy 44

Shingletown CA 96088




            SVFD Inc.

DO NOT mow your yard or cut down weeds after 8amduring hot/extreme hot weather.

DO NOTpark your vehicle in dry weeds or vegetation

DO NOT use off road vehicles without the proper spark arrestor

DO check on your elderly neighbors or neighbors with small children

DO seek cooling shelters such as the mall or library if needed

DO stay hydrated, water is best.  Click on tab Current Tips above for useful information

Fire Prepardness

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     Get useful information 

       so you can be ready if

      a wildfire strikes near

      your home

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Do not call 911to ask if there is a fire near you.

This takes operators away from answering urgent calls. If you have a scanner, use it, if you have a computer/laptop there are various stations you can listen to. A radio can be used for listening for fire information and updates. If you do see smoke or fire near you, be as specific as you can about the location. Fire season is here so be diligent.

Fireman's Prayer

When I am called to duty, God

Wherever flames may rage

Give me the strength to save a life

Whatever be its age

Enable me to be alert to hear the

Weakest Shout

And quickly and effectively put the

fire out

I want to serve my calling and give

the best in me

To God and my every neighbor and protect

His property

And if it is according to your will

That I should lose my life

Please, God, with protection bless

my family and my wife

May God be our refuge and our strength

Help you bear your sorrow

And in his way grant you peace

  To lighten each tomorrow 


(Author Unknown)



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