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Fireman's Prayer

When I am called to duty, God

Wherever flames may rage

Give me the strength to save a life

Whatever be its age

Enable me to be alert to hear the

Weakest Shout

And quickly and effectively put the

fire out

I want to serve my calling and give

the best in me

To God and my every neighbor and protect

His property

And if it is according to your will

That I should lose my life

Please, God, with protection bless

my family and my wife

May God be our refuge and our strength

Help you bear your sorrow

And in his way grant you peace

  To lighten each tomorrow 


(Author Unknown)


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The Shingletown Volunteer Fire Department sincerely thanks the Shingletown Community Center for sharing with us in the interests of the community. We are grateful for the donation so generously granted to us.

We would like to invite all of your members to come to the Van Stellman Hall for one of our events to see one of the acquisitions made with your donation. We purchased new chairs for the training hall – not only to benefit our first responders during their training, but also to benefit the community when they attend our events at the hall.

We are evaluating other purchases that will give back to the community as your organization was pledged to do.

Thank you again for your generous donation.

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