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Did you know SVFD offers street number signs?  100% the proceeds from the sale of these signs benefits SVFD directly.  These signs are reflective and can be easily seen.  You can fill out the contact form above and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.  The prices are as follows:

                             1.  Single Sided       $10.00
                             2.  Double Sided      $12.00
                             ** Please specify horizontal or vertical


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Shingletown Volunteer Fire Department appreciates your past and continued support.  Your support allows us to purchase the necessary equipment, training and supplies needed to respond to fire, medical and all other emergencies.

You may donate by mailing a check to SVFD, P.O. Box 266, Shingletown CA 96088 or at any of our fundraising events. Be sure to specify donation on your check. 

You may become a part of the SVFD membership by mailing a check to the above address or join at any of our fundraising events. Please specify membership on your check. Membership rates are as follows: $75.00 Family or $40.00 Individual. The membership period runs from July 01 to June 30th. 

Shingletown Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
31990 State Highway 44
P.O. Box 266
Shingletown CA 96088

Phone: (530) 474-3914

Webmaster : Kathie Woodring

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