Winter is coming and is important to make sure your generator is ready to keep your warm and cozy during those   chilly months.  Since your generator has been enjoying a time out during these last few months, it might not be     in perfection condition to use.  Imaging trying to use it and worst case scenario it doesn't work! Have your owners manual ready so you are aware of how your generator works.

                                       1. Place your generator in the right place! If using a portable

                                           generator, decide prior to use where you wish to place it. The

                                           next step is making sure the path to the generator is cleared of

                                           snow and other debris. Ideally you should place the generator

                                           at least 10 feet away from the house and nowhere near a vent,

                                           window or other opening. They should never be placed in

                  garages, homes or basements, crawl spaces or other enclosed areas


           2. Check your fuel- Fuel should be drained and replaced with new after not 

                                               being used for a season.

                                        3. Maintenance Check - Every generator needs a boost from time to time. 

                                          Giving it an occasional run helps avoid residue build-up in the ports

                                          and helps keep the engine lubricated.

4. Plugs, oil and filters -  it's important to ensure the generator is

                                          reliable and will not break down. Old oil may not be as damaging

                                          as gasoline when kept sitting for long, however to ensure smooth

                                          functioning of the generator, it is advisable to change it. The

                                          reservoir of oil tends to collect particulate matter that needs to be

                                          changed.  Make sure you keep an eye on the oil level when using

                                          your generator.  Most generators will stop functioning when low

                                          on oil.


Generator Tips