Burning Requirments for burning in small 4x4 piles

Maximum burn pile is 4 feet in diameter

Clear all flammable material and vegetation within 10 feet of the outer edge of the pile

Keep a water supply close to the burning site

An adult should be in attendance at all time with a shovel until the fire is out.

No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particular wind) are such that burning can be considered safe

Burning Hours


For a 4'x4' or smaller piles is 10:00am - 5:00pm below 1000 feet


10:00am - midnight  above 1000 feet elevation


An out of control burn pile can have devastating results for yourself, neighbors and our wildlands.  Please burn responsibly.

Information courtesy of CAL FIRE

Correct Burn Pile


What can you Burn?

You may burn ONLY dried vegetation (NO GARBAGE, PAPER, CARDBOARD, PROCESSED LUMBER, CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS, ETC).  Basically if it grew on your property you can burn it. There is a state-wide prohibition on the use of burn barrels. Burning leaves or lawn clippings is not recommended due to the high moisture content and acrid smoke which may cause a public nuisance. The burning of any material that causes a public nuisance is prohibited. Air drying of green vegetation is required prior to burning.

NO household trash or garbage can be burned outdoors at residences. Remember, burning can only be done permissive burn days.