Fire Rescue Volunteering

Company 20 of the Shasta County Fire Department in Shingletown is composed of 15 volunteer firefighters. The firefighters operate two (2) Type II structure fire engines, two (2) 3,000-gallon water tenders, one (1) Type III wildland engine, one (1) rescue with extrication tools and two (2) ALS (advanced life support) ambulance style non-transporting rescues. The equipment is housed in three different fire stations, one in the Shasta Forest subdivision, one in the Starlight Pines subdivision, and the main fire station located along Hwy 44.

The volunteers generally train on Tuesday (if there is a 5th Tuesday night in a month, there will be no training on that Tuesday) nights at 7pm at the Alward Fire Station in the Van Stellman Fire Training Center on Hwy 44 at Alward Way, unless they are called out.